CIFS Download

: version 1.34 released
April 25th, 2005
SLES9 RHEL4/FedoraCore3, SuseWorkstation 9.2 and other 2.6.8 and 2.6.9 based kernels current mainline
cifs.ko kernel module (source code) fs/cifs/ src 1.34a fs/cifs src 1.34a fs/cifs src 1.50
cifs.ko kernel module (prebuilt for x86 default kernel) cifs.ko 1.33 cifs.ko 1.33
mount.cifs cifs mount helper (source code) same same mount.cifs.c
mount.cifs (prebuilt x86) same same mount.cifs (1.8 for x86)
umount.cifs (rarely needed, except for certain types of user unmounts) (source code) same same umount.cifs.c (0.4 for x86)
umount.cifs (rarely needed) (prebuilt x86 binary) same same umount.cifs
man pages same same mount.cifs
For Linux 2.6 the cifs vfs does not require a distinct download (it is in starting in kernel release 2.5.42). Kernel version 2.6.10 contains version 1.28 of the cifs vfs. The current version is always available via the bitkeeper tree at and a relatively recent version is also available by downloading replacement files that can be used in place of those in the fs/cifs directory.

Source for fairly current cifs vfs also can be retrieved via subversion from samba svn linux-cifs-client project:
svn co svn://

The most current 2.6 source is hosted at (requires installation of BitKeeper to download) As kernel developers switch to newer tooling, the cifs tree may be made available via other mechanisms in the future.
Historical versions can be found at
including a 2.4 kernel port : Latest 2.4 Release (gz containing cifs vfs source files and patch for kernel makefile and configure)  
cifs.ko mount.cifs umount.cifs
current versions 1.34 1.8 0.4